All of our heat pumps are specifically designed to cater for either commercial or residential applications, providing the end user with the perfect temperature control Heat Pump Technologypackage. Besides providing heating, cooling and domestic hot water, one single heat pump unit can supply a wide range of advantages to any building, with benefits including increased energy savings and reduced carbon footprints.


Features & Benefits

Temperatures down to – 20°C

Heat pumps can be installed in the most extreme of climate conditions, even in areas where temperatures drop down as low as -20°C.


Silent Operation

Compressors are jacketed and insulated, significantly reducing vibrations and sound emissions. For indoor units, specifically designed acoustic panels are fitted, providing the lowest noise emissions on the market and minimising any possible disruption to surrounding areas during operation. 


Domestic Hot Water Production

DHW2 models all offer free domestic hot water thanks to the exclusive total heat recovery system. Within residential buildings, this unit can remove heat and humidity from the property during the cooling cycle.


Simple Installation

All ICS heat pump units are ‘plug in and play’, making them quick and easy to install. From low temperature systems based on radiant floor or fan coils to more traditional systems with radiators – all equipment allows for this simple and flexible install.


Clever Control System

Cutting edge components and an intelligent central control system guarantees maximum reliability. This allows for communication between components; eliminating inefficiencies and simplifying the installation which in turn reduces the need for maintenance checks.


Natural Resources

75% of the energy used to power heat pumps comes directly from the natural environment which means required power consumption is reduced to only 25%. This low energy consumption allows for a huge, 60% reduction in CO² emissions when compared to older, more traditional systems

Long-term investments

Every commercial building now has to be compliant with energy saving legislations proving carbon emissions are being reduced. With heat pump technology, building owners can actively evaluate and show energy savings; ideal for new builds or refurbishments. Furthermore, this will improve the present and future value of a property in a sustainable way.

Maximum Comfort all year round

Heat pumps are flexible to their requirement, providing a reliable temperature, applicable no matter the time of year or season. Furthermore sound emissions are minimal due to acoustically protected fans and low noise compressors.