Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps work by absorbing air from the atmosphere at low temperatures into a fluid. Using energy from external air provides an easy and reliable  solution for the production of domestic hot water, heating and cooling.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are used both to provide heating and cooling for interior spaces and also for the heating of water in milder climates. The advantage of these types of systems is that they can supply simultaneous heating and cooling all from one unit, working in synergy with seasonal temperatures and external influences.

Compared to ground source heat pumps, air source units usually work better for under floor heating applications. The reason for this is because heat pumps generate less heat compared to a conventional boiler, requiring a larger surface area to achieve similar temperatures and improve energy efficiencies.

How energy efficient are air source heat pumps?

CO² emissions are significantly reduced with air source heat pumps as they use a renewable source of energy to generate heat. However, the amount of energy saved is dependent on what type of fuel is being replaced. For example, savings will be higher if an electric heating system is replaced compared to natural gas.

Benefits of air source heat pumps

  • Less carbon emissions generated than conventional heating systems
  • Cheaper than ground source heat pumps and easier to install, particularly for retrofit
  • Air source heat pumps provide both heating and hot water
  • Little maintenance is required
  • Air conditioning is available in the summer months
  • For every unit of electricity used by the pump, the process receives two or three units of heat; making it an extremely efficient way to heat a building

Air Source Units

-        I-Ki/i-KIR Air/water reversible or heating only heat pump with DC inverter compressor and domestic hot water production

-        AWR MTD2 XE Air/water reversible heat pump for water heating up to 58°C and operating limits down to -15°C. External air temperature and domestic hot water production

-        AWR DHW2 XE Reversible air/water heat pump with the production of hot water with total heat recovery

-        AW-HT Air/water only heating heat pump for the heating of hot water up to 65°C and operating limits down to -20°C