Welcome to ICS Heat Pumps

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Welcome to ICS Heat Pumps

ICS Heat Pumps – Specialists in Heat Pump Technology

ICS Heat Pumps is a dedicated website catering specifically for visitors interested in purchasing or renting air, water or geothermal heat pumps. Our complete range of environmentally friendly equipment is powered solely by renewable sources, providing the contractor, specifier or end user with the highest possible quality of energy saving temperature control.

With energy savings of up to 50% on offer when comparing the use of our latest units to traditional heating systems, ICS Heats Pumps promises to offer a sustainable, more environmentally responsible alternative to yours, or your clients’ cooling or heating requirements.

Having had over 20 years’ experience in the supply of heat pumps to the commercial and residential markets, ICS Heat Pumps has strived to innovate in a bid to continually deliver the very highest of industry standards. Furthermore, with our a long established relationship with DeLonghi Professional, who selected ICS to exclusively sell their range of heat pumps throughout the UK and Ireland, all units are manufactured to ISO and Eurovent accreditations, ensuring high quality and optimum reliability levels as standard.

The ICS Heat Pump range offers capacities from 4kW to 205kW, featuring inverter (i-Ki model) and scroll compressors, electric axial fans and electronic control systems, balancing simplicity of design with high levels of performance. Heat pump units cater for all types of applications, ensuring that a solution can be formulated for both internal and external environments as well as air, water and ground sources.

Air, water and ground provide powerful and reliable energy sources, perfect for maintaining consistent temperatures throughout domestic properties, homes and businesses. These precious thermal sources work in conjunction with heat pump units to create completely sustainable systems, reducing energy expenses and cutting overheads.

As the heat pump market continues to develop, the need to reduce carbon footprints and lower energy bills is ever increasing. The Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) is one of the strongest catalysts driving industry towards achieving lower emission levels in commercial and residential buildings. With heating accounting for the largest proportion of energy usage in the UK, careful considerations should be made when considering its effect to overall emission levels when developing both new build, and pre-existing properties.